This fairway is at the bottom gate of the villa
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Vale do Lobo Beach

Fabulous villa in Portugal

located very near the beach and golf, but far enough

for complete privacy

The Beach Club is a 5 minute walk

This beach

is a 2 minute walk

This golf fairway

Is next to the villa

Weather in Vale do Lobo

Vale do Lobo Weather Forecast

Vale do Lobo Weather

The Algarve enjoys one of the most stable weather temperatures in the world.

Temperatures can go above 30°C between May and September

although, in Vale do Lobo, the breeze from the sea, helps you enjoy the sun far better.

Link for Vale do Lobo Weather

Pool Heating

At the Villa, the swimming pool heating is one of the best systems available and extremely efficient.

It is very useful in the months of October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May and early June.

During the cooler months, the electric pool cover is wonderful, as it very effectively retains the heat in the pool water overnight.

Heated pools without a cover can lose up to 8°C overnight.

Pool covers which are not electric, in general take a long time to roll out because they are heavy to close and open, therefore in practice, are normally not actually used - thus the pool the following morning is quite cold.

This amazing villa, with a heated pool; has an electric pool cover, controlled by a key switch, that it is simple and safe to use.

Best months to play Golf and Tennis in the Algarve, Portugal

The best Golf and Tennis weather months are in April, May, October and November.

Days in January, February and March can sometimes incur showers, however these are normally not prolonged and the golf courses and tennis courts are quieter.

December is the month which has the most rain days, but on average, this is only 12 days in the whole month.

Best months for sunbathing in the Algarve, Portugal

As can be seen from the graph, the best months for sun are June, July, August and September; averaging above 25°C.

Most people love sun bathing for a few hours a day, whether its on the Beach - a 2 minute walk away from this villa, or around a pool.

The villa pool is totally private and not overlooked at all.

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